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Local Honey, Teas, Herbal Beverages, Coffee, Cocoa
Local Honey
We offer locally sourced honey products from Pete's Apiary in Lebanon, NJ and Sweet Cheeks Honey in Chester, NJ
Pure Unfiltered Honey | Raw Honey | Manuka Honey | Bee Pollen | Superfood Honey

Biological activities of honey:

  • Antioxidant activity

  • Antimicrobial activity

  • Apoptotic activity

  • Anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory activities

Honey has medicinal properties that can address:

  • wound healing

  • diabetes    

  • cancer      

  • asthma     

  • cardiovascular diseases    

  • neurological diseases    

  • gastrointestinal diseases

  • allergies


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Pete's Apiary dark honey was collected in Aug/Sept 2020 and is from Clover, Blue Asters and other wild flowers in Lebanon NJ. It is Pure Honey and has never been heated or pasteurized, which maintains all the natural nutritional benefits

Herbal Teas, Coffee, Cocoa

Whether you prefer tea, cocoa, or coffee, you can find your beverage of choice here at Healthy Balance!


  • Buddha Teas

  • Traditional Medicinal Teas

  • Yogi Teas

  • Choice Teas

  • Organic India Teas

  • Tecchino Low Acid Coffee

  • Ganoderma Coffee

  • DandyBlend Herbal Beverage

  • Roma Roasted Grain Beverage

  • Organic Cocoa

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